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Florent posted:

This is very interesting, but how do you solve/reject the "i don't have the time to do this" objection ?

Let's take the example of a governance meeting where extending an accountability on a Required Role is necessary to solve a tension; while everyone around the table agrees that the accountability is to be added for the sake of the organization/circle, on which basis can you "prove" that the accountability must be done by a specific role, when the person filling the role is unwilling to comply ?

Of course, in this hypothetical case, finding a new role-filler is not an option (budget-wise) and nobody volunteers.

Florent, the "I don´t have time" objection is not a valid objection in a governance meeting, because in a governance meeting you are only setting expectations on a role. How the role will fulfill this expectation is up to him. He can invest 10 minutes or 5 hours in the role, he can open a circle and define a role to do this, he can outsource, etc etc.