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Brian Robertson posted:

1)  Yes, and it's not necessarily bad practice - it's a common and recommended thing to do in many cases.  Sometimes, because a role controls a domain or works in a general area, others need to count on it for something so that they can get their purpose met, and that's just fine.  On the other hand, it is often bad practice to stick extra accountabilities on a role that don't serve its purpose and that don't naturally fit that pattern.


- Brian

To add on Brian's comment, one use case I often see is when an ongoing activity is needed by/for the Org. and an accountability is then added to a role as it makes sense, even if the accountability is not related with the purpose of the role - we have the case within iGi, for instance, of adding an accountability to the Trainer Role for Marketing Role to get a short slot to present iGi's offers during a training - which is absolutely not needed for/by the purpose of the role, but this is one place that makes sense to hold this ongoing activity.