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Reply to Holiday / Sickness Cover

By leo white Topic posted 06/14/2016

This has progressed a little further today so I hope it's reasonable to continue this thread a little further. 

The question being raised by members of our team is about meeting ones role accountabilities 365 days per year. 

Using the Holacracy process the roll filler has decided to propose a policy that passes accountability for the practical elements of the role she cannot meet whilst absent back to the circle that is requesting the accountability be met. 

Obviously this can go through the Governance integration process for objection and testing, but as we are all still learning Holacrcay I'd like to be prepared for the confusion that may ensue from this!

I am the lead link of the super circle in which the roll filler sits,  so I could intervene and assign a second role filler but this now seems to go against what the roll filler wishes to propose as the best solution.

Has anyone had this type of situation before?

Is a policy that assigns authority / responsibility back to the requesting party ever going to make it through Integration smoothly?

......You know what's crazy? the accountability in question is ordering sandwiches for a meeting - it's always the small things that get you!

Any input much appreciated.