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We also adopted a Role Hour Policy that obligates role fillers to direct attention and resources to different roles. It is almost the exact same as HolacracyOne's Attention Point system.

Policy: Role Hour System

This policy defines a new type of currency for the organization, called "Role Hours" (or RH's for short). Role Hours will ultimately get allocated to a role, to "fund" the role with team member attention. A role allocated 40 Role Hours indicates the ideal attention for that role equals one 40 hour per week team member in total.

No team member may dedicate more focus to a role on a sustained, ongoing basis than is called for by the allocated Role Hours. Further, if a team member has more Role Hours assigned to them than the total hours per week they are working, the number of RH's associated with each assignment should be interpreted as a rough relative prioritization for how to split attention across roles; however, any conflicting prioritizations shall overrule this one (e.g. explicit prioritizations given by a relevant Lead Link or other prioritization role/system). For the purpose of these calculations, if a role is multi-filled, the Role Hours allocated to the role are considered to be evenly divided across the role-fillers, unless otherwise specified by the Team Diplomat.

Only the Lead Link of the circle adopting this policy may create new Role Hours, and once created they become a resource of the circle, similar to a cash budget. Team Diplomats own and control Role Hours. They may allocate them to a role to fund desired attention within the role. Once allocated to a role/circle, Role Hours may be unallocated and reallocated by Team Diplomats.

In addition to allocating a specific number of Role Hours to a role, Team Diplomats may also allow a role-filler to self-allocate RH's to the role from the funder's budget, within any constraints desired. For example, Team Diplomats might specify an allocation of "Whatever is Needed" on a role providing a key support function, and tell the role-filler to self-allocate as many RH's as he/she needs to get enough attention in the role to prevent critical work from dropping (these RH's would still come from the Circle's supply, they would just get allocated by the role-filler based on experience, rather than by the Team Diplomats based on an intended funding level).

Created: May 24, 2016
Last Updated: May 24, 2016
Affects Domain: All functions & activities within the Circle