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Reply to Vacation Policies

By Fred Magovern Topic posted 04/11/2016

Policy: Flexible Work
After 30 days, an employee is allowed to choose their own location, hours, and schedule, as long as they are able to meet their accountabilities for their role(s). Employee will keep anticipated future schedule updated in Google Calendar.

We adopted this policy maybe a month ago. It was actually quite similar to the prior situation but not stated so clearly and in so few words so then it was not taken 100% seriously. Now it is being taken seriously. I fully believe that it is creating more Customer Paradise and Team Happiness. We are now covering phones from 8 am to 10 pm instead of just 8 am to 4:30 PM.

We actually added location to the policy just a week ago.

It sounds like you need to (and maybe already have) done some governance around this issue.