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Julia, I usually first focus on an incremental improvement and get feedback from within and from a Holacracy coach, and go from there. It is difficult to copy what other organizations do since things like compensation or performance and other processes that touch the culture are so unique that organizations usually answer these tensions quite differently. Often an incremental improvement is possible, though maybe you want more. This depends on who has a tension with the current system.

I hope more and more can use something like our badge system; objective, not tied to roles, not based in personal power, transparent to use, flexible mechanisms based on if the organization is profitable. 

If that is too far off for you from where you currently are, you might consider rolling out a full badge system (even simpler than ours perhaps) and allowing some individuals to opt in, then iterating and completing the transition so at least people are using one comp system each. 

We did something like that, and abstractly it makes more sense to me to not do a hybrid system that is in play for one person; it may be okay to have some on the "old" system while you have some brave people who step up to work out the kinks in the new one, or just create a transition period and roll out the new one and get everyone on. If you can find a way to do both at once, I say go for it. Keep us posted!