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Reply to Vacation Policies

By Fred Magovern Topic posted 04/11/2016

Hi Fred! 

We didn't have any regulation on vacation at first, and then we had the situation that a few people went on vacation without letting some people know that felt they should've been informed. We also had the situation that some Lead Links were "approving" people's vacations, which is not part of that role. Out of these tensions we created a policy that looks like this: 

"If a member of the organisation wants to go on vacation, the request will be approved by @People_&_Workspace under the following conditions:

1. The requester has communicated their desired holiday period to their most relevant colleague(s) in all circles in which they actively fill a role and has integrated any objections.
2. The requester has determined and documented a substitution for their tasks, projects and/or roles for the time that they will be absent. If no substitution is needed, the requester has documented this step as "N/A" and stated a reason.
3. The requester has filled out the Google Form below to answer points 1.- 2.:

_ link to Google Form _

Any circle member of the person requesting the holiday may voice objections to a requested holiday. The objection must be integrated following the process described in Article 3.2.6 of the Holacracy Constitution (www.holacracy.org/constitution#art326). "

The Google Form with all the entries is accessible for anyone in the company and can be filtered by circle. We have also created a role "Holiday Facilitator" in the People & Workspace circle that checks the entries into the form to make sure the requester has followed the steps outlined in the policy and if he/she has, the holiday is entered into our HR system. If not, the Holiday Facilitator guides them to take the necessary steps and help integrate any objections (this has never happened before so we don't really have a process for that yet). 

The steps are pretty common sense, and we've left it to the requester to decide who the "most relevant colleagues" are, rather than saying holidays must be reported to the LL, for example. Also by giving the People & Workspace circle (and a role within that circle) the task of taking care of "approving" the vacation (although its basically a self-approving process) we also stop that from becoming a LL task and giving the impression that LLs are managers. 

That being said I'm not 100% happy with this process because I think we could be more self-managed, but I think its better than it was before

Hope that helps!