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Koen: Many teams think that their team is special, and that Holacracy will not work for them. Setting the expectation that it will take 6+ months to give it a fair try will help.

Consider Zappos, where many teams are "creative" and doing brand work, marketing, even party planning, etc. and all sorts of creative things. In most companies of 100 or more, there are some people doing this "creative" work. So I would suggest that this is a broader issue that many teams have faced. I worked with a company of 20 who work on projects, including a large creative component. They do design and development work. This team was very open and got benefit right away. We also worked with a production company; the structure was awkward, but some people took to it right away; it truly depends on the individuals involved in my opinion.

I don't have other cases of whole organizations, but I do have more of teams within larger organizations. Making Holacracy onboarding and bringing creativity to learning Holacracy can be fun and unique if people put their creativity to it, so there may be an opportunity there. (Like one newer team I work with now claps after governance proposals are passed, as a simple example.)