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Koen, in our office (running holacratically 7 months and counting), it has been worth our time to take a few time-outs to talk collectively about how things are going. A few elements have been helpful to emphasize (and we've been lucky enough to have peers identify these for one another, rather than top down sharing):

1. Tactical and Governance are not the only meetings or discussion arenas available for staff - these are only 2 specific types of meetings. staff may use other time to noodle subjects to their heart's content,

2. the intention of Holacracy is to put structure around distributed leadership and bring healthy accountability to a healthy anarchy, simplifying rather than complicating life for everyone,

3. everyone shall take several turns practicing the roles of facilitator and secretary to get a solid feel for the process from all angles,

4. finally, using examples of how Holacracy solves specific requests staff had previously identified and made regarding transparency, clarity, authority, etc.

Good luck!