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Reply to Project List vs Grid view

By Jonathan Yankovich Topic posted 06/01/2016

Hi Jonathan,


Here is my contribution on this topic "Projects views".


- Do you or your clients use the project list view (My Projects)? Do you like it?

Yes I do and I like it, especially for the "Created" sorting tab, which allows me to track what ongoing project has been lasting for too long and deserves to be either revised or split (too big, not realistic and discouraging) or merely energized a bit more, if left aside for too long. I believe dates can be added easily on the grid view anyway...

Another though is if a LL could access this type of list view for the entire circle, I believe the dates could give a good tool to monitor roles and how they fit the people, and/or if the governance structure is not at its best (role splitting when projects last too long...).

- Do you or your clients use the project grid view (on Circle pages)? Do you like it? How could it be improved?

Yes, I do use it too, when facilitating meetings of course, but also as it gives me a very visual view of all projects, which I love (I'm very visual) by separating them well.

Although I'd love to be able to slide and drop projects sometimes to re-organize them in regards to changing priorities for the circle, which I can only do with my personal trusted system so far (using OmniFocus).

- If the My Projects tab showed the grid view instead of the list view, would that cause harm?  (If so, what specific problems do you think might arise?)

As I said before, I would regret the "Created" tab showing dates, but I could easily adapt to any other view anyway. Also, what do you think of the LL monitoring tool it could become, if "Created" tab and the list view were extended to an entire circle's roles's list ?

Finally, ss Margaux said, a "My Actions" tab would be a super friendly tab for most people I met, at least this is what I heard from them each time I presented GF. Also friendly for people not used to OmniFocus, Asana, etc, and people not familiar (hating?...) computers... Less to learn, all in one place !

Looking forward to discover the future GF features and changes that will come out of this forum...