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Thank you Margaux. Let me see if I understand well.

You are saying based on the constitution that if a circle lacks CCMs (other then LL and CL) it cannot send a member to the Super-Circle that represents them as a RepLink. Also the LL cannot send herself or himself as a RepLink to the Super-Circle (basically filling two roles).

Now what happens if I have a company with a circle that only has 1 person working 100% and two other people working 20% filling the same role and circle? Can't the LL take on two roles LL and RL and attend the Super Circle? Or would it be better for them just to be part of the larger circle (filling a role) and not create a Circle of their own.

I am working with a senior care company which has 7 departments. And some of these departments, like the one of Care, have 22 people and the one of activation have only 3 people, the own of house technique has only own person, and so on. Maybe it is better just to have own cirlce and have the two big ones be sub-circles.