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Hi Fabien,

I'm not an expert about that issue. But I'll try to share with you some informations I hope that could be useful :

- your company may adopt Holacracy "from the beginning in its rules" without including it in the status.  Even if it's not in the status, the company can edit some declaration that make it official. You can find an example of "Déclaration d'adoption de la constitution" in the French translation/ summary of the constitution that published IGI Partners (P.19) : http://igipartners.com/sites/d..._resume_francais.pdf 

- In the French version of Brian Robertson's book (http://lexcellenceenholacracy....de-brian-j-robertson) , you can find a comment from Brian, page 175, about the fact that it's possible to adopt the Constitution within the status, but that he doesn't recomand it at the beginning of the implementation, and recomands to consult a lawyer if you want to.

- On the public service Societe.com, I see that the French pionneer in Holacracy, IGI Partners, seems to be a "SARL".

Best regards