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Reply to Project List vs Grid view

By Jonathan Yankovich Topic posted 06/01/2016

Hi Jonathan,

Here are my answers:

- Do you or your clients use the project list view (My Projects)? Do you like it?

I don't use it but I know my clients do, when they add their projects. Personally, I have a good trusted system so I update my projects on GF before a tactical meeting, on the circle's page. But, our clients that are new to Holacracy like to have the My Project tab to be able to have all their projects and update them all in one place - they use it as a trusted system and I thing it is a pretty good thing because having a trusted system takes time and is a higher bar to reach. GF should have the minimum for a trusted system and it includes this tab IMO.


- Do you or your clients use the project grid view (on Circle pages)? Do you like it? How could it be improved?

Of course we use it, when facilitating tactical meetings! We usually set it up with the project grid view (not row view) (and per roles), only because we can see the status more clearly and it helps the learning when we facilitate our clients.

I think it is pretty good. The only “bad” thing it that it is not synchronous. If the Secretary modify a project or its status during the tactical meeting, then you need to refresh the page to be able to it.


- If the My Projects tab showed the grid view instead of the list view, would that cause harm?  (If so, what specific problems do you think might arise?)

I think that a list is easier to read when you have all your projects so I would let it like this personally but, again, I don't use it so I should ask my clients.


I like the fact that GF is dealing with two notions: individual and org/circle. I think you have a lot more to do for the individual (like a My Actions tab) but you should also keep the org/circle views because we need it for meetings and Holacracy explanations, etc..