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Reply to Circle Interference

By Margaux Topic posted 05/26/2016

Hi Margaux,

I do not see any reason why this should be invalid governance, although I would seriously consider if I walked down this road. But I can think of examples where the prescription of a role could be helpful. Eg during early implementation to have a Holacracy Coach in every circle. 

Still I wonder if it is the smallest possible governance change (especially in terms of interference with the autonomy of subcircles) you could make to address your tension. It might be enough to define the criteria for eg skillset or other prerequisites for role-fillers for that specific role. 

I could also see reasons why the lead link or rep link of the subcircle could object against  that proposal.

But I am curious to hear why there is such need to hurt the membrane and autonomy of the subcircle? Interested to learn more.