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I agree with Karilen that the harm in this instance is very limited.  If the integration round is conducted properly, the proposer's tension will have been met and the objector's objection will have been satisfied.  If there is ancillary benefit due to an overreach, I think that's fine.

If you're stuck in integration because the objector keeps dragging in other preexisting issues, I think that may be a sign that the facilitator should have tested the objection more thoroughly.  Good objection testing will get quite specific about what part of the proposal is objectionable, and during integration the facilitator can drive the conversation back to that element.

I have seen a number of difficult integrations where I felt like the root cause was an insufficiently tested objection, which left the circle unclear about what to integrate, or with too large an integration task.  This is something all facilitators will get a better feel for over time.