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Reply to Time as a domain

By Carrie Topic posted 05/17/2016

Carrie, I suggest incremental reframes or changes to the policies. You intuitively know this is reinforcing the prior paradigm. While this may be the case, I don't see anything necessarily invalid in constraining/restricting Lead Links from assigning people to a role until/unless something else happens. Asking permission may be too fuzzy; do all have to give permission? Do they agree? Do they approve, etc... 

Alternative idea: Perhaps create a manager or time manager or people steward or some role to enact this function (since Lead Link is not typically an operational role), and assign it with the best fit, even if that is simply all the lead links. Have the policy require no objections from everyone in that role before you add someone to a new circle. 

Finally, if you ever interpret that you have invalid governance, asking secretary to strike it is one approach, and also talking about it and or then just proposing something a little better is my preferred way. It can help start to reflect on these ways of thinking to have it defined in governance, even if it mirrors the old hierarchy.

Hope this helps and you will keep us posted on your progress!