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Keith - The degree to which an issue is made worse, and if a logical argument is made about how the proposal would do so, there could be a valid part. 

Staying focused on which part of the proposal exacerbates the issue (once described how it does so) is one way to integrate as much as you need, and not more than that.

If you think you integrated more than necessary, then I say it is just something to notice and perhaps more integration practice will allow you to sense when to check in with proposer and objector, capture ideas, and end integration.

Also, sometimes people are attached to integrating a tension at a certain level, or a lack of understand or comfort with objections may also be an obstacle; there is only so much you can do as facilitator if that is the case.

Sometimes it will happen that you integrate more than needed, and it seems better than the alternative of stuck or incomplete integrations!

Our coach training has a little practice with this (difficult integrations).