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Reply to Time as a domain

By Carrie Topic posted 05/17/2016

I'm new to Holacracy and just took the Practitioner course but not the certification test.  I believe you can talk to whoever you want whenever you want.  The Lead Link of the circle you want them to join would need to extend the offer and they can decide to join on their own and accept a Role provided there are no Policies that prevent it.  The Lead Link of each circle they belong to can set priorities on the accountabilities for a Role in that circle but cannot set priorities for a Role in other circles (i.e. priorities are set for a Role not a person).  If the person (in their Roles) is not meeting the accountabilities of any given circle then the members of those circles can raise tensions in a tactical meeting.  I don't believe any single Role can set priorities for a person (or that person's multiple Roles) across multiple circles that they belong to but it should not be an issue as long as they are fulfilling their accountabilities for each role in each circle.  (I'm not 100% sure so we'll see what other say.)