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I have been a founding member of a cooperative village in Israel for the last 38 years: Moshav Shitufi Modiin; 40 young and idealistic couples and singles from a S. Francisco hippie musician commune led by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach OBM made in 1976 communal aliyah, got land and building materials and created from scratch in the middle of the Ben Shewmen forest the beautiful village I still live in.

After a countrywide financial crisis we decided to privatize and (so we were told, fairly divide assets and liabilities; it turned out to be a ruse by an inner core of members who shared with the rest of us only the liabilities but only among themselves all the assets, driving the rest into poverty, hunger, prime suicide candidacy.

They had the money to hire lawyers and drag others into court to have their way in view of potential real estate speculation; those who opposed them in the name of justice found themselves bullied into submission with the corrupt complicity of public officials and the financial backing of tycoons in the wings.

Here is a personal example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhnGr35pmjo

I decided a few years ago to create a new village where upholding the ideals that got us here in the first place would carry more guarantees of not ending up again in such a situation; a new intentional community:

Kerem Bnei Shlomo: https://docs.google.com/docume...oLquqwmkM0dNya8/edit

I believe that Holacracy is an ideal solution but of course need first to learn more about it.

Awaiting your feedback 

Eliahu Gal-Or pizzarebbe@gmail.com +972586272388 Find me on Linkedin.