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hi all, if I understand this discussion thread well then the meaning of the word Domain and Policy depend on the context, how it is applied in practice. It reads like there are at least 3 valid applications with each their different meaning/implication on how you use it pragmatically in real life. And hence understanding it is relatively complex.

What about differentiating the naming? If the concept is too broad then lets come up with easy to understand different names for each of the applications. Eg create a simple definition for the "Global-domain" (which is delegated out of the anchor circle) and the "Local-domain" (only valid within one circle). Sorry for the non creative new names... Just to give an illustration that with differentiated names for simple applications would make the constitution easier support practice. Not even sure if this example is valid/pragmatic, but just to share a thought on how different naming could reduce complexity.

Hope I made a clear point. Looking forward to read more responses on how to pragmatically apply Domains/Policies. 

Koen (Veltman)