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By Fabien • 05/10/2016

Reply to First Tactical Meeting

By Rebecca Brover Topic posted 09/03/2015

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for sharing this open heart written post.

I've had similar experience on my own too, enacting the same facilitator role and felt very very hard on all of us too sometimes.

As I've just discovered your "old" post, I'm curious to know what would be your view today, with a couple of months experience. All alive ? Smiling ?

How did you manage it all ???

I'm at the point where I'm going to start the same "first step" for the fourth implementation next Tuesday, within a brand new organization in this case, so I'm still scared of it, scared of how I can give my best, strictly respecting the process on one side, without loosing the harmony of our wonderful group, especially as our first meetings went very well so far, in a very efficient way.