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Reply to How Many is Too Many Accountabilities

By Jenn Topic posted 05/10/2016

Hi Jenn,

In my understanding so far, I would say the right question here is not "how many is too many accountabilities", but "how many accountabilities the circle member(s) filling this role is(are) able to truly enact" ?

If people feel overwhelmed or lack clarity for traking tensions, projects and next-actions, then the role may be split either in Focus (multiple people filling the same role, each of them being assigned to a clear focus) or the role may become itself a sub-circle of the current circle it belongs to.

Both cases may be treated in a Governance meeting of course.

In this last case, the sub-circle would split up in multiple roles as a self-organized entity, with its own governance meetings too.

Hope I'm right and it helps you.