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Reply to Projects

By Anne Billen Topic posted 04/28/2016

I like Jeff's individual action suggestion. That is a way to keep the circle running until you can find out how to resolve the tension in a more definitive way. Here is how I answered the question.

Indeed, every project should be apart of an accountability which a role enacts. The project should live under some accountability as the constitution states "capturing and tracking all Projects and Next-Actions for your Role in a database or similar tangible form, and for regularly reviewing and updating that database to maintain it as a trusted list of the Role’s active and potential work." I would be careful to know what is needed is a project (a outcome to work toward, with a beginning and an end). versus what is needed is an accountability (ongoing activity expected from a role with no end date). If there is a tension pointing an undifferentiated need of the circle does a project resolve it or does an accountability. A project has a home with a role and accountability. If this project has no home perhaps it points to an undifferentiated need of the circle.  One way to can go about this is if a project has no home then it falls to the lead link. As it states in the constitution, the lead link inherent all accountabilities (and projects which engines those accountabilities)  "to the extent that those Accountabilities and Domains have not been placed upon a Role within the Circle, or otherwise delegated" which may mean that the lead link has a tension which needs to be brought to governance of an accountability and role which needs to be created to resolve an undifferentiated need of the circle. That could be the proposal of the lead link. I would be cautious about going from a project to governance meeting because there maybe some kind of undifferentiated need which needs to be addressed. Perhaps a project is not what is needed but the next action is a governance meeting to address the tension there of a needed accountability and role to resolve that tension. 
I hope this helps I would love to know from a coach if I am on the mark on not.