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Reply to Projects

By Anne Billen Topic posted 04/28/2016

Thx, Andrea.

I would like to summarize the input I got from the tree of you  this way :

By default, a project is part of a role - but not necessarily of an accountability.

If in the Tactical a project comes up, and there is not (yet) a role which purpose answers to the outcome of the project, there are two possibilities :

1) It can be taken as a tension to Governance, or

2) It can be accepted by someone as an Individual Action. If at some point an ongoing expectation grows out of the project (which is sometimes, but not always, the case) then is the time to definitely bring it up in Governance and create a role. 

In a volunteer organization 2) can be a pragmatical solution. We will experiment with this approach and I'll evaluate whether or not it works !

Ciao, and may thanks for your input.