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Hi Davi,

I offer the following:

Point 1) - Generally speaking, and this may vary depending  how far along the circle is on their journey, you want to stay neutral and follow the process steps.... checkin - get present, call out distractions, etc  - get through administrative concerns and guide the team to build their agenda.  For a new circle, you may want to spend some time explaining the purpose of Governance, but generally speaking, i prefer to jump right in to Governance.

Point 2) - No... let them ramble on... then model best behaviors during your checkin.  They will figure it out over time and will likely fall into the normal meeting cadance.  

Point 3) - Gerald summed this up nicely.  I prefer to give the tension-holder plenty of room to share their tension trust the process to sort out proposals that may no be rooted in a tension.

I hope this helps.