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I will need to think on this a bit more.

(Although that might only be apparent and relevant if/when you get through the initial practice phase and to a more mature practice.)

Yes, we're certainly in the initial phases.

tension" points to an experience - a feeling - where "issue" points to a thought - a mental construct.

This was very enlightening. I was previously thinking of a tension as "the gap between how things are and how they could be." But really -- if I understand you correctly -- a tension is the *feeling* produced by that gap. How would "a Tension" compare to "a frustration"?

I think my misunderstanding stems from the way we talk about Tensions. For example, emphasis mine, in one of the videos linked on the home page: you define Tension as "the feeling you get when you sense a gap between what is and what could be." The tension is the feeling; the gap is the thing you sense. But then you immediately say, "..Anything I sense, any tension I sense, any gap, anything that could be better.."

Although Tension is correctly defined, it's used as it if is the gap itself. I haven't checked everywhere, but I'm pretty sure that available materials consistently refer to "sensing" tensions, when really, a tension is felt, not sensed.

Some additional context: several people -- a majority of the (given: few) people I have talked to about Holacracy outside of Snowdrift.coop -- have expressed distaste for Holacracy's "overloading terms". So I went looking for places we could potentially cut down on them, and ended up here.