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I do believe that employment law in the UK versus United States are significantly different so I am not able to comment about legality in the UK.

Sometimes unfortunately we do have to assign roles to people who are not interested or who do not have the expertise. If we did not assign roles to people who were not interested or have the expertise my organization would have 1) never started and 2) would not be able to continue to operate. We did adopt a "Required Role" policy that basically states that if you were hired to be a Customer Service Representative or other role 1) the lead link can't remove that role from you easily and 2) you can't just easily say no I don't want to be a Customer Service Rep any more.

Purely Poultrys 1.15. Required Role Policy
The roles that a Team Member was hired to fill at initial employment when they joined the Purely Poultry team is henceforward called a “Required Role”.
If a Team Member resigns from a Required Role, that resignation constitutes voluntary resignation from all roles currently filled. This means that Team Member is offering a voluntary termination from Purely Poultry in general.
Required Roles can be removed only if a majority of Team Diplomats vote in favor of removing a required role from a team member,
Whoever has the authority to assigning, removing, or re-assigning Roles to other Team Members, cannot remove a Team Member from their Required Role.
Whoever has the authority to fire any Team Member, retains the authority to fire any Team Member.

We do not compensate based on how many full time equivalents or Role Hours a person is filling. We compensate based on a per hour basis.