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Hey Tiziano,

(preamble: we tried various, but typically you come up with too many or some without real relevance to people and thus without the intended effect - so my advice is to chose only a few and prototype the impact...)

Checklist items IMO should best refer to establishing useful habits, such as:

* Noticed a tension and captured it
* Addressed roles in mails (in addition/instead of people)
* Weekly review of Trusted System (GTD) done
* ...


* Number of Tac Meetings / month (are there regular meetings?)
* # of Agenda items (indicator if tensions make it into meetings)
* Trend: # of items processed (does the circle get faster?) (deduce it from the latter and the Secretary gets a good indication if the circle needs more regular meetings)
*  for certain roles such as Holacracy Support roles (helping circle members to turn their tensions into proposals or at least show them pathways to process) it is also helpful to see if their support is used a lot or not at all (# of support requests)
* ...

Maybe that triggers some thoughts for you...

- Gerald