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As someone who recently took the lead on bringing Holacracy to our organization (Snowdrift.coop), here's a couple things I've learned:

  1. Avoid Holacracy-specific vocab until it's absolutely needed.
    • "Issues" instead of "tensions"
    • "Hats" instead of "roles"
    • "Teams" instead of "circles"
    • On the first day, just call "lead link" the "lead". DO explain how the Lead's job is only to keep things running smoothly and they should strive to wear that hat as little as possible.
  2. Stay high level and don't worry if you are not conveying nuance. Some concepts can wait.
    • Avoid the concept of multiple levels of hierarchy on the first day.
    • Avoid talking about cross links or rep links.
    • In fact, don't bring up circles/teams at all on the first day unless someone specifically asks about them.
    • Wait to talk about the specific processes in governance and tactical meetings. Instead describe the goals of those processes.
    • DO be clear that you're leaving out a lot of detail because you'd rather they get a high-level picture.