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I'm really curious how having different roles undermines the culture shift to engaging roles, not souls. It is my experience that having different roles (as long as they have clearly distinguishable accountabilities) is preferrable to one role.

To answer your question, technically you might me able to do it. You can not change the governance of a sub-circle. However, you can move roles from a sub-circle to a super-circle.  If you are reallly sure that these roles are all affecting you and should be in the GCC, I think you could propose moving them from the product circle to the GCC. After that you would be able to collapse them into one.

I think you should think really hard about if you would want to do that though. Meddling in the governance of a sub-circle should never be required from a super-circle perspective, because there is a clear way of making it explicit what you want to expect from a circle.

You can ask something to a role in a sub-circle directly, but unlike if you ask something from a role to a role in the same circle, the role you're asking is not obliged to process it.

I don't know the long story about missing Lead Links, but that would be the problem here. Without it, there is no one who has to do anything with the accountabilities the GCC sets on the Product circles, so no tension about unclear governance has to arise there.