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Paul, I am so glad you posted this here! First thought is that I love the experimentation. As long as you all continue to process tensions, then I would think you can weather the disruption of the experiment.

Second thought is that I am really unsure how this is constitutional.  Here is why: all circles require a LL, and a circle doesn't have the authority to remove it completely. http://www.holacracy.org/constitution#art22

Have you all passed a constitutional amendment to allow the above?

From the rest of the organization I believe your circle still has a LL, even if not "technically filled" according to the above and: http://www.holacracy.org/constitution#art223

According to 223 you can delegate all the functions, but not actually remove the role completely. I believe that LL is still a needed function and that a single point is needed to catch things that fall between the cracks, EVEN if you explicitly delegate each function to some process. That way, the circle is held accountable to the broader org for the purpose, etc and there is someone paying attention to -- for example -- the structure as needs change over time. (If everyone is accountable, no one is accountable, and We is a terrible worker, etc...)

I figure you all have likely thought this through...and normally I would not be quoting the constitution, but since you are Paul, I thought you would appreciate the clarity and likely have some thoughts for me about why this makes sense. 

As terrible as it may feel to have a single point of failure as LL, and centralized starting point for those functions, then I haven't seen anything (yet!) worthy of a better starting point.

One common thing I have seen are delegating some functions -- so role assignments, or budgeting, or prioritization for a type of work, or metrics, to clear processes. We have some examples in HolacracyOne like that. Never have I seen or heard of delegating all LL functions; not sure how one would effectively go about that, so I am curious!

I would love to have a call with you Zappos Hola coaches to explore how we can iterate on this with you. Thanks again for sharing!