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@Margaux: Not sure 4.1.1.d totally covers my policy proposal, specifically some details around requesting the addition of an item added for a role you don't hold, and especially the removal of a checklist item. I actually think this section of the Constitution could be much clearer.

Margaux posted:

Section 4.1.1 Duty of Transparency

  • (d) Checklist Items & Metrics: You must share whether you have completed any regular, recurring actions that you routinely perform in service your Roles in the Circle. You must also track and report on any metrics assigned to your Roles by the Circle’s Lead Link, or by any other Role or process granted the authority to define the Circle’s metrics.


Fred Magovern posted:


Adding / Removing Checklist Items

Any circle member can add to the checklist a recurring action they perform in any of their roles within the Circle.

To add a checklist item for a role you do not hold, you must ask the role-filler for permission. They must grant it unless they believe that it would cause harm or move things backward, in which case they should explain as much to the requester.

To remove a checklist item, you must the ask the Circle during a tactical meeting. If any circle member present would like it to remain, then it should not be removed.