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Submitting two proposals for GCC thanks to this thread:

Monthly Governance Review

At least once per month, each circle member must review their roles and the policies that impact their roles using the questions below. If the answer to any of the questions is "no", then that circle member has a responsibility to address that through a proposal at the next governance meeting.

• Are the policies impacting my role clear and relevant?
• Does my role have a purpose? If there is a purpose, is it sufficiently clear and explicit?
• If I have a domain, is it still useful? Is it as clear and precise as it could be? Are the policies I've added to my domain as clear as they can be?
• Are my accountabilities necessary for the organization? As clear as they can be? Are they all recurring actions and not simply next-actions or projects?
• Are the expectations and boundaries between my role and other roles clear?

Additionally, every Circle must add a monthly checklist item of "Governance reviewed + proposals crafted per GCC policy" to "All Circle Members", which can be removed by any circle member as long as no other member wants to keep it. If removed, any circle member can re-add it at any time.


Adding / Removing Checklist Items

Any circle member can add to the checklist a recurring action they perform in any of their roles within the Circle.

To add a checklist item for a role you do not hold, you must ask the role-filler for permission. They must grant it unless they believe that it would cause harm or move things backward, in which case they should explain as much to the requester.

To remove a checklist item, you must the ask the Circle during a tactical meeting. If any circle member present would like it to remain, then it should not be removed.