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Reply to Going Without A Lead Link

By Paul Walker Topic posted 03/20/2016

Thank you Paul for clarifying the “why”. Bernard Marie and I are very “why” focused so it was indeed a bit odd for us not to see it on top of your document

I love your experiment and of course, I am a bit doubtful because it is new but I am very open-minded to see how it goes and maybe it will be a great value to catalyze the PowerShift in companies practicing Holacracy (which is, by the way, our purpose so we are very interested by your experiment).

One thought I have here is what we've described in our comic book when talking about the Lead Link role (http://igipartners.com/en/read...ok-free#page-152-153): the two links (up->down and bottom->up) allows to have two different focuses/directions: the Rep Link seizes the tension from the Sub-Circle and bring it up to the Super-Circle and the Lead Link brings tensions from the Super-Circle to the Sub-Circle to differentiate the work. If the Rep Link does both, we might lose a perspective and it might create a schizophrenia if only one person has to deal with both perspectives (the Super-Circle and the Sub-Circle one). Again, this is pure speculation based on what the manager was doing and didn't work. Though in your Holacracy Circle I bet you didn't have a manager before so t might be easier.

Please keep me posted on the evolution of this!