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Hello Fred,

If you want to define how “All Circle Members” checklist items are added/defined, you can do a policy sure, as it is by default not defined in the Constitution. What we have in iGi Partners for “All Circle Members” checklist items is : https://glassfrog.holacracy.org/policies/5035 Which basically says that all Lead Link can add “All Circle Members” checklist items for their circles, except Business Circle Lead Link, which can add global ones (visible in all the organization), it is part of the policy.

After, all roles can put checklists items, if in consciousness they estimate that important, to put visibility on, as we would pass on it in every Triage meetings.

For example, as @Save role, I have a checklist item “GoogleDrive and DropBox are saved” for example, we need to put visibility on, as we estimate that it is a very important action that need to be done. And if there is one time a “No check”, we have visibility on that, and maybe a tension from someone would merge and bring it to the agenda. That things wouldn't have been possible if there wasn't visibility on this action via Checklists items.

To come back to our policy, it also says that for example, you can ask to a role to put a checklist item to its role -except if he have an objection (valid reason why it would cause harm etc.)- in order to pass on it on every Triage meetings.

Have a nice day,