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FYI (For your Inspiration :-) ):

For the Lead Link I see two accountabilities as the most important ones:

  1. prioritization of circle-wide priorities (generally coming in from outside),
  2. and the assignment of "souls to roles".

On 1:

Since I am an Agile consultant I see the prioritization responsibility for the whole circle as the equivalent of the Product Owner role for an Agile team, and that is a crucial role to have, if only to keep prioritization politics of the containing circle outside your circle. If there would be any single responsibility I would keep in the LL role, it would be this one.

On 2:

In Sociocracy, on which Holacracy is partly inspired, all authorities are decided by consent decision making by default. I've looked it up for you: the Dutch sociocracy site has more information, but this is the best I could find on short notice.


On the Dutch site there is also a brochure (in Dutch) that goes into the principles more deeply. It states:

"Voor elke functie en taak wordt naar de meest passende persoon gezocht. Daartoe is een open gesprek over ieders mogelijkheden en belangen onontbeerlijk. Als alle kringleden consent geven aan de verkiezing van een bepaalde persoon, wordt hem de taak of functie toegewezen, uiteraard na consent van de persoon zelf."


"For each function and task we look for the best fitting person. For this an open conversation about everyone's possibilities and interests (concerns) is essential. If all circle members give consent to the election of a specific person, then that task or function is assigned to her, of course after the consent of that person herself."

The conclusion of this is: in sociocracy the Operational Lead (equivalent of Lead Link) does prioritize, but does not assign people.

Maybe that viewpoint helps you in your choices.