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Hi, Giuseppe:

Yes, I believe in this case the mobile developer can choose whatever color he/she chooses even if it conflicts with the choice of Mobile Designer.

Domain is the only thing that can restrict access from all roles.

In the example you gave, since the domain of application color is not defined on any roles/circles, then any role can impact the application color the way they see fit, thus mobile developer can choose to use yellow for the button if he/she thinks it's best.

Now, since there is no accountability of selecting application colors on mobile developer, he/she doesn't have to do it.  He only needs to do it if it is needed to fulfill one of his accountabilities.

Mobile Designer,on the other hand, has to do it, because it is expected of this role since it is written as an accountability. He, however, can not force mobile developer to use the color the mobile designer chooses, since the domain of application colors is still communal, i.e. belonging to the circle or one of its super circles.

I believe to get the effect you want, i,e, mobile developer using onky the color specified by mobiel designer, you need to define an "application color" domain on mobile designer, with the accountability of "selecting application color".

I think this is enough to make sure other roles, including mobile developer, follow what mobile designer decides for application colors. You can also add an accountability on mobile developer to "create application using colors specified by Mobile Designer" to make it crystal clear, but it seems like it's not actually needed once you have the domain defined.