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Fred Magovern posted:

Thanks Dien. When I brought up the possibility of raising this tension/proposal in the most recent coaching hour with Oliver, he pointed out that any circle member would have grounds to raise this, not just the Lead Link.

Does this mean that anyone can raise a tension on behalf of the whole circle (even if it's not from one of their current roles) but only the LL can object to it on behalf of the circle as a whole?  If so, is this the case for Governance as well as Tactical meetings?

circle members can only process tensions and object on behalf of one of their roles.

If this is the case, and tensions/proposals are only valid if they are being sensed by an existing role, in cases such as new Holacracy implementations where governance records may be far from optimum, or where the operating environment has changed radically and quickly, meaning internal governance has been rendered inadequate, this restriction may significantly delay the process of quickly finding a new equilibrium. Unless I already have the authority I can't contribute to the circle's ability to discover the need for changes to the way authority is structured. Surely that can't be the way it works? What if I'm sensing the low voltage light and the plane's headed for a potential crash?