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I'm most interested in the Medium post's comment about communal ownership.  As quoted by @Dien:

"More importantly, we found that the act of codifying responsibilities in explicit detail hindered a proactive attitude and sense of communal ownership."

I believe we have at times struggled with the same issue.  While I appreciate how Holacracy drives great clarity by eliminating the idea that "we" get work done and instead forces us to define a role that owns a project/action, an unintended consequence at times is that others feel as though they do not have shared responsibility.  A simple example, for New Project A:

Old world.  Manager says New Project A has just cropped up and it's important.  Hands it to three people and asks that they get it done.  They may suffer from some of the challenges Holacracy seeks to avoid -- lack of clarity about who does what, work distribution that is unclear/unfair/inefficient, and so on -- but they maintain a sense that they all achieve or all fail to deliver on New Project A.

New world.  New Project A comes into the circle and we determine that Role X is accountable for that work (due to an existing accountability or a new one).  Role X can tap other roles to assist based on their accountabilities, but if none of the preexisting governance directly supports Role X in completing New Project A, Role X may be on his or her own until the governance changes -- which is often after New Project A needs to be done.  At least when New Project A clearly falls within Role X's accountabilities, Role X may be solely responsible, with limited shared sense of ownership among the team.  With Role X solely responsible, are others staying late at the office to see how they can pitch in outside of their roles?  Are others feeling a sense of excitement when New Project A is a huge success, or a sense of personal disappointment or guilt when New Project A does not get done?

@Dien, it sounds like you have experienced this issue.

Have others also had this experience?  How have you addressed it?  @Ruben, I'd be very interested to hear your take -- I greatly appreciated your post in response to that of Medium, but I don't think you touched on this aspect of the Medium announcement.