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I think you can pick this apart in countless ways, because ultimately, all of these tensions could probably been solved by some governance sessions.

What I gain from this is that to sustain Holacracy over time, organizations need a set of "champions" and "drivers" of Holacracy. It's about more than promoting use, educating, and training... These leads need to help show the rest of the org the 'light' on how to reshape governance to face current needs.

I think it's easy to let governance get 'stale' and have it seem like too much overhead. You need the Holacracy champions to come in and re-architect governance (of course using the IDM process)... but folks need to be actively looking at roles and doing clean-up and making sure it is relevant to the organizations current state.

One thing that helped us to keep our Governance relevant was adopting the attention points system. This made us take a closer look at existing roles and helped to clarify/clean up things.