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I disagree. It's not amending the governance process, it's just using another channel to execute it. In the plan I outlined we still are using the asynchronous process through Glassfrog, just expediting and giving the room for feedback through slack. Still uses the IDM process. 

In 3.2.1 of constitution it says 'A core circle member may distribute a proposal to all other core circle members asynchronously, outside of a governance meeting, using ANY written communication channel approved for this purpose by the circe's secretary."

I'm interpreting this as it is the secretary's call to introduce this method, and also their duty to ensure that in executing it, nothing is unconstitutional.

I think it's important to explore more methods to enact governance to fit your organization. In our case, we need something that allows asynchronous proposals to be put through with some more discussion and context, rather than putting it in a 'black box' of the Glassfrog asynchronous proposal process. We cannot always schedule special governance to meet our regular needs.