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Dear Fred,


I think that might help:

3.2.2 Criteria for Valid Proposals

“[...] Finally, a Proposal is always valid regardless of the preceding criteria if it is made solely to help evolve the Circle’s Governance to more clearly reflect activity that is already happening, or to trigger a new election for any Elected Role.”

Here, I think your tension is just to reflect what's happening, i.e. not using that role because you don't have any knowledge base anymore. You still have to bring it to governance.


However, I would like to ask you a question: who decided to remove the knowledge base? What role? You say “everyone agrees”. “Everyone” doesn't exist in Holacracy. Who has the authority?


Moreover, in the description of the role you provided, there are terms like “team members”, I'd be curious to know what is a team member, is it clearly defined in the governance records?