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Reply to 'Exclude from meetings' authority

By Joris Topic posted 02/29/2016

What Jean-Michel says is one possibility, there is another one.


If multiple Partners are assigned to the same Defined Role in a Circle, the Circle may enact a Policy that limits how many of them are Core Circle Members as a result of that Role assignment. However, the Policy must allow at least one of the Partners filling the Role to represent it as a Core Circle Member, and must specify how that representative will be determined.

In addition, any Partners representing the Role have the duty to consider and process Tensions conveyed by the excluded Partners, exactly as a
Rep Link would were the Role a Sub-Circle, unless the Policy defines an alternate pathway for the excluded Partners to process Tensions related to that Role.

In this case, you need to create a policy in governance and then the Lead Link can “exclude from meetings” all the persons assigned to the role except the representative(s).