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Thanks very much Dien.  I'm reminded of something Brian said at the Practitioner training - which I've quoted a number of times ... 'the Facilitator's job is to be more stubborn than the most stubborn participant...'

Your idea about a reminder up front is very helpful.  I've been cautioning our circle the last few sessions that they've been flirting into discussion but other than that discouragement I've not had a good plan.  Your idea to remind them of interruption coming is very useful.

AND - I did an interrupt yesterday during governance in 'clarifying questions' when a participant's question started of with 'would it be more useful to you if...' and I jumped RIGHT IN and said 'I'm sorry but it sounds like your about to try to convey information - you will have an opportunity to do so during reaction in just a moment. do you have a question to better understand the proposal as stated?' and the individual said 'oh. yeah. no I don't.