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I'm part of a team considering using Holacracy and have a query prompted by this discussion. When teams are just starting out with Holacracy it is likely that their governance records are pretty far from optimum. In that case, some people who are used to holding larger spaces, for example ex-managers will perhaps be able to sense tensions that are very useful to process but that fall somewhere in the many gaps in the current governance records. For example these might require 3 or 4 governance steps to do address these tensions. For example, create a new role, remove an accountability from another role, give it to the new role, and create a policy applying to the whole circle.

I gather from this thread that anyone can sense and process tensions on behalf of the whole circle, although only the lead link can object on behalf of the whole circle. Is there an expectation that the person with the tension goes to the LL first to see if they want to take it to governance? If the LL doesn't sense the same tension, but the other person (who's own roles are not directly affected) still does sense it, does it die there, or can the other person still process it in governance?