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let me explain why I think these questions are connected. According to Spiral Dynamics theory, a company cannot skip the level of development. I don't know for sure, but I see similarities between spiral dynamics and integral model, on which Frederic Laloux book is based. So I think that probably this is also true for the stages of development of integral theory. And if so, you cannot adopt Holacracy at the rational level, because it is based on evolutionary/integral values. There's one more level to experience.

And it seems like none of the Forex companies have the mission, they just have the goal to make money. And it probably means they should operate at the rational level.

I personally worked for a Forex company a while ago. And I felt very bad about what the company does. I wonder if there are people who believe that Forex brokers create value.

P.S. While I was writing this reply, I thought that value is something subjective, and hence if there are people who think there is actually value in that, then there is, probably...