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In a tactical meeting, the Facilitator is here to ensure that all the agenda items are processed in the allotted time so as a Facilitator you will allow less or more discussion given the time lasting.

3 Questions to focus and process items very fast:

• What do you need?

• From what role are you speaking?

• What role are you engaging here?

If you don't have that framework, you can be sure to open the discussion, not being focused and it lasts hours and hours.

If the person can state a clear need, don't let go as a Facilitator, stick to it “What do you need?”, “What do you need?” and once the need is met (did you get what you need?), then close the discussion and take the next agenda item.

The Tactical Meeting is not a meeting to actually DO WORK, it is just here to triage tensions. If a tension requires more time and discussions, they can still schedule a special topic meeting but it is not the goal of the tactical meeting and the Facilitator has to hold the space. Tactical meetings are way more difficult to facilitate IMO because the process is less structured.