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Hi Jean-Michel,

My take on this one is that the Facilitator may test the validity of an Objection according to:

3.3.6 (f) "...the Facilitator must start directly with the Objection round,and, if the proposed candidate is present, the Facilitator must ask the candidate for Objections last. If any Objections are raised, the Facilitator may choose to process them normally, or to discard the Proposal either immediately after the Objection round or at any point during the integration step"

With coaching a new circle, if a raised Objection sounds like "the Objector disliking the Proposed candidate" - this could be a tough one in my experience. In such case, I think I would capture it (and I'm also quite sure that in some cases, depending on the context, I would test it and take the opportunity for coaching/learning points) and see if there are other Objections within the Circle. If there are a lot, then I I would discard the Proposal. If there is only one, or two, I would go to integration as an opportunity for them to learn more - for example very often people think the the other person being proposed is too busy to fill the Sec. Role or won't like the Role or will not be able to object themselves even if they don't want the Role, etc... In such cases, I learned by experience, these are major opportunities for them to learn both Holacracy and new mental models behind it. During such integration, I may use the test questions for learning purpose.

One anecdocte here - I remember one time i did test the Objection like "Is that a reason why this would causes harm or moves us backward ... or are you just telling us you don't appreciate this person" which was very powerful because in this specific context, this was publicly known by everybody.

Many other cases I would love to dig in with you another time...

Hope this helps...

Bernard Marie