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The distinction between "hard and clear" and "best judgement in a local context" helps! Thank you. 

When you put "hard and clear" over "the best judgement of a partner filling a role" you risk to go back to the old management style like Al mentioned. Because of the wholeness of the human being and because we are working with tensions we have to be very carefull that a partner doesn't feel dependent of the leadlinks personal feelings and preferences. A good strategy is a great help in this, but not all organizatiosn have good strategies. What I try to say is that partners, like employees, can feel dependent of the leadlink when the leadlink interferes in prioritizing the work to many times. The old feeling of ranking (hierarchy) we are so used of can come back and the partner it will become harder for the partner using his / her wholeness to bring information into the system.

I hope you'll give me some reactions on my thoughts.