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A common process for retros is:

1. Opening & check-ins
2. Gather data
3. Generate insights
4. Decide on actions
5. Close the retro

In what you described it looks like you miss very important step 3 Generate insights. This can lead to fixing the symptoms and not addressing root causes.

You get the data (feel the tension: my head is warm), and you jump to actions (lets put ice on your head to cool it down). Actually missing and not treating the root cause (flue).

Another remark that I can not not to make is: Its not possible to use Agile. Agile is a state of being, its a mindset, a philosophy, a religion if you want. And its not possible for a team to do Agile. You can do Scrum, or Kanban, XP or other framework, but you just can't do Agile. You can be Agile. Its an important distinction. Sorry for being picky . Don't want to offend anyone.